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Inspection Lamp

The adjustable SP44 Inspecto-Light™ inspection lights flood any flatwork with low-angle white light that makes high spots, low spots and other defects stand out at a glance. Ideal for veneer or sanding operations, the Carter Inspecto-Light™ inspection lights feature low voltage incandescent lamps merging white, non-glare beams across the surface of the work. High and low defects are spotted immediately by the shadow they create. Cracks, splits, knotholes and other imperfections are fully illuminated. The SP44 has a built in tilt adjustment to more easily fine tune the light spread on your inspection surface. The simple on/off switch provides instant control as well as helps save energy when not in use. Work is completed faster, quality control is easier and eye strain is eliminated. Our new stand for this inspection light model allows for simple one knob elevation adjustments and is very portable, but extremely robust (STAND INCLUDED).


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SP44 Adjustable 4 Lamp Inspection Light with Stand (special order)


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