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FastBreak Sander

The FastBreak Sander allows you to uniformly break the edge on sharp melamine material in just one pass. The FastBreak dramatically increases the speed and efficiency in which you ease and break sharp and chipped edges. The FastBreak and FastBreak XL use the same sandpaper refills. The fastbreak uses 1 sheet at a time while the xl uses 2 sheets.  Features: Break both edges in one pass; comes with 80 & 180 grit; convenient sandpaper storage. Great for: Melamine; Edgebanding; and Doors (FastBreakXL). The FastBreak Sander-Regular is the model included in the FastEdge Tool Kit.

*For more information regarding how to use this product see Information Sheet.


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FastBreak Sander-Regular


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FastBreak Sander-Xtra Large


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