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FastEdge Tool Kit

FastEdge Tool Kit includes all the tools you need to apply edgebanding. FastEdge clamps securely hold 3/4″ shelves in place allowing you to install edgebanding. The FastBreak Sander dramatically increases the speed and efficiency in which you ease and break sharp and chipped edges. The Quad Trimmer quickly and easily trims both sides of the edgebanding in just one pass. The Flush Cut Trimmer works great with wood and PVC edgebanding with standard thicknesses of .018″ – 0.25″. The SpeedRoller is an ergonomic laminate roller that can be used for any PSA applications especially FastEdge and SpeedTape. The new De-Curl tool quickly removes the natural curl or memory of a roll of edgebanding.

*For more information regarding how to use this product see Information Sheet.

*For specific details on the parts within the Kit see Info from Pro Wood.


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FastEdge Tool Kit Includes: 2-FastEdge Clamps; 1-SpeedRoller; 1-Flush Cut Trimmer; 1-Quad Trimmer; 1-FastBreak Sander; 1-De-Curl


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