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Tung Oil

Hope’s 100% Pure Tung Oil-Produces the beautiful and classic “hand rubbed” finish on fine wood surfaces. Enhances natural color and grain without leaving a glossy surface coating. Penetrates like an oil then dries to a durable solid that is resistant to water, alcohol and oils. Hope’s 100% Pure Tung Oil is just that, pure, not the cheap, thinned down varnish commonly promoted as “Tung Oil Finish.” Additionally, Hope’s Tung Oil is the “best of the best” pure tung oil grades. We only use premium oil pressed from the best tung nut crops from growers around the world. CAUTION! CAN CAUSE SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION. Tung Oil generates heat as it dries, which can cause spontaneous combustion of materials contacted by this product.



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Hope’s 100 % Pure Tung Oil


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