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Mohawk Patchal Putty Kit

Patchal® Putty Kit contains one each of all 24 colors in this organized, easy to carry, durable, flambeau style case. Each color comes in its own 4.4 oz easy to open package. Patchal Putty is simply the best finish putty that you will ever use. Patchal Putty is an easy to use filler designed for use on small cosmetic repairs only. Patchal® Putty is designed to be used on finished wood to fill nail holes, miter joints and cabinet seams. Patchal® Putty may be topcoated with lacquer for increased durability. This product is great for picture frames, trim and molding. Fast easy application. Simple clean up. Can be top coated within minutes. Superior color selection matched to current industry trends. Easy to open packaging keeps this putty fresh.

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Patchal Putty Kit-24 Pack Assortment in Case


4.4 oz


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