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Sculpwood Moldable Epoxy Paste

SculpWood Paste is a two-component, spreadable, waterproof paste for filling cracks and defects in rot-damaged wood. It spreads easily; won’t sag, drag or pull. An excellent companion for Sculpwood Putty where filling cracks is needed. Spreads with ease and control. Will not sag, drag or pull. Simple two-component system; requires no additional modification with fillers or thickeners. Features a convenient 1:1 mixing ratio. Two color system ensures complete mixing. 100% waterproof. No shrinkage on curing. Use SculpWood Paste for filling cracks and smoothing out damaged areas. SculpWood Putty & SculpWood Paste are the wood replacement components of The EndRot System. They are commonly used with System Three RotFix, a low viscosity wood sealer and consolidant.



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Sculpwood Spreadable Epoxy Paste


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